Who We Are?

Our Mission

To equip children and families of diverse communities in achieving their full potential.

Our Mandate

FAMILY ADVANCEMENT ASSOCIATION’s mandate is to create a platform for children and families with various cultural backgrounds to connect and support each other in such things as are ancillary and incidental to the attainment of the following endeavours:
  • Identifying positive social and cultural practices which can strengthen children and families’ resiliency and improve their wellbeing
  • Providing positive opportunities for children and families to increase their ability, capacity, and resources through a variety of programs, including support programs for socially isolated and intergenerational families; mentorship programs for children and youth; and educational programming in areas of academics, mental health, sports, music and arts.
  • Identifying strengths and opportunities within the education system to involve children and families in order to achieve better academic and social outcomes for all children.
  • Advocating for better mental health, community, social and economic conditions negatively affecting children and families of diverse cultural backgrounds.
  • Collaborating with other community partners and organizations, who share common goals and values, to deliver intercultural resources, programs, or projects promoting intercultural learning and dialogue between children and families of diverse cultural backgrounds.