– Opportunities for networking, mentoring, and sponsorships in FAA’s areas of interest
– Participation at no costs in educational and recreational opportunities sponsored by FAA (*when funding
– Participation in community initiatives in FAA’s areas of interest
– Access to family resources exclusive to FAA members
– Biannual newsletters for updates in community events Opportunities for professional development, leadership
roles, and community service

As a member, your responsibilities are:

– To actively participate in meetings and events regularly (at least three meetings and/or events per semester)
– To contribute towards the realization of FAA goals
– To provide clear and timely communication in response to meeting and/or event invitations To volunteer, when available, at community service events
– To maintain professional conduct by treating fellow members and our guests with respect and courtesy.
– To help maintain a positive, friendly environment necessary for all members to learn and grow To pay membership dues on time (when applicable)
– To recruit new members for the organization

Open to any individual, family, or organization that supports the Family Advancement Association’s vision, mission, values, and goals.